Tuesday, 11 May 2010

My proposal is to create a website for a charity of my choice; I will make the website reflect the nature of the company and what it is they do. I have chosen the charity funded organisation, Cambridge Animal Sanctuary, they are dedicated to teaching people of all ages about endangered species and what we can do to prevent the lose of species because they are rapidly decreasing in numbers, this is a subject I feel close to my heart being a lover of all animals.

My potential audience will be parents and children, this is because a trip to a zoo or animal sanctuary is something families do, it is also educational for the children and will widen their knowledge of animals and the environments they live in. my assumptions of my audience are; being children they will not have the capability to read long and complex sentences, this is why I will break it down into an almost top trumps way of displaying information about animals, I will also brightly colour the website because children respond better to bright colours and images, this is why I will ha

ve lots of images of animals through out the website it will keep the attention of the child. All of the comments before reflect to the children part of my audience but to reflect on the adult side I will have pages like donate, this will show the adult schemes of how to donate money to the charity and get something from the charity themselves. The scheme is called ‘adopt an animal’ this will allow the child to choose the animal of their choice whilst the parents pay a donation fee, in return the child will get a magazine of the animal and regular updates on how the animal is doing. There are similar sites that have the same goal as me and address it in the same way for example London zoo’s website uses bright colours and large images of animals; this is to draw the viewer’s attention.

In conclusion my

website will be a brightly coloured design with large images and simple text, this is for children to understand the information displayed on my website, its functions are to widen the knowledge of the reader on this animal and also to raise funds for the charity to keep running it will do this through the ‘adopt an animal’ scheme.